The Football Project, Week 6: No, Team, No!

The foundation for this week’s tune was hatched as I was listening to last week’s track fade out. That one faded out on a G chord, so why not fade in on a G chord this week? OK, so there’s the first 10-15 seconds… now what?! That was when I decided to take a different route entirely. Instead of another batch of prog-metal (but don’t worry, it’ll be back), I went old school, set the death growls aside, and churned out a nice little slab of groove rock complete with The Hendrix Chord. I was happy with the results, but it needed just one more thing…

What was that thing? Well, I can’t really be trusted with a guitar solo in this style, so I called my friend Robbie Ellis. He was willing to assist, so I wandered over to his place last night… and he recorded his solo parts (2:35-2:46, 2:56-3:17) in one take (He’s a professional, kids – don’t try this at home)! That was the extra kick the song needed.

Lyrically, most sports fans can relate to this one. Everything but the chorus is in the guise of a mopey guy watching his favorite team play really poorly. The chorus is his friend essentially telling him “Shut up, it’s football.” Sing along!

Grab your beer and a bag of chips and the nearest TV tray / You complain now but you’ll miss it before we even hit May

Enjoy and I’ll see you next week.

No, Team, No!

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