The Football Project, Week 5: Trying to Affect an Outcome With Your Very Mind

Well, last week was a fun little deviation, wasn’t it? Now back to actual songs. I can’t promise a track like that won’t happen again, though…

This week, a return to both more standard song structures (with some exceptions) and more melodic fare. I had been inspired by a band called Red Seas Fire for this one, so I do what they did and went to Drop-A tuning (yay seven-string guitars). Hadn’t done that in quite a while…

As one can guess by the title, the lyrics to this tune are from a crazed fan’s perspective, seemingly willing his/her team to win by yelling at the TV. Does it work? No, not really, but it’s worth a shot, right? We’ve all yelled at our TVs at some point in our lives, myself included. Nothing to be ashamed of – just kinda goofy, that’s all. Anyways, enjoy and I’ll see you next week… with perhaps a guest guitar solo…

Trying to Affect an Outcome With Your Very Mind

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