The Football Project, Week 2: Is It Too Early to Panic?

Yes, I meant it. A new song every week for the regular football season… and here’s week two! The lyrical concept behind the song is a little obvious when you glance at the title. It’s a guy who, two weeks in, is already panicking about his favorite team and/or fantasy team because they’re not 2-0 on the season. They’ve lost at least one game, so HOLY CRAP SOMETHING’S WRONG! Hilarity ensues. Oh yeah – the guy in the bridge is every person in existence’s response to hearing somebody else talk about their fantasy football team.

Musically, this one was tough but ultimately worth the headaches and the hassle. A couple o’ prog riffs (especially the polyrhythmic kind) and a groove metal chorus should do the trick just fine, but I knew I wanted the latin break in there before I even started writing. Why? Well… ’cause. If you’ve been following my blog, you might recognize the instrumentation from something I posted a while back. It’s a different pattern, but the same three objects. Enjoy! And I’ll see you next week.

Is It Too Early to Panic?

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