The Football Project, Week 1: It Has Begun… Again

Wait, I was probably supposed to make an announcement, wasn’t I? OK, here goes:


I’M DOING A FOOTBALL PROJECT THIS YEAR. New song for each week for the regular season. And, if you’re good*, I’ll make a song for the S***r B**l, too! This is my third Football Project – fourth if you count the seven-track one-per-month project I did a few years ago – and it feels like the right time to bring it back. Stay tuned to this here blog – each week’s new song will be posted by 5:00pm Eastern time on Wednesday at the very latest.

NOW, on to the song! The premise is quite simple: it’s a celebration of all things football in heavy metal form (even leaving your fantasy team’s best player on the bench). Since the season’s first Sunday was September 11th – and each game contained a 9/11 patriotic ceremony – I decided to throw my patriotic hat into the fray at the end. If you know my musical habits, you can probably guess what happens… Sing along!

It Has Begun… Again

*Or not

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