On This Day Last Year…

…I started this blog. One year, 82 posts (this is post 83), and one big honkin’ baseball project later, Ed Makes Things is officially one year old! To celebrate, I’ve concocted a generic birthday song recording. No specific person/place/thing is sung, so this recording can be used for any occasion! AND it’s complete with the tuneless hacks, loud morons, and complete jerkfaces that ruin any birthday singing occasion (full disclosure: I’m usually a jerkface)! Enjoy this useless and totally self-indulgent piece of chaos.

Generic Birthday

Programming note: The next Christmas tune will be posted on Thursday as scheduled. And, for the record: The best day of traffic this blog received, as of the writing of this post, was October 21st… the day I posted THIS.

4 responses to “On This Day Last Year…

  1. Glad I waited for the ending I think you have barbershop in your blood, my son!

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  3. I think this was the best rendition of the birthday song I have heard yet! I also agree with your Mom, definitely barbershop like! Good stuff! And happy birthday blog!

  4. Ed, that was awesome. Sorry I’m behind in my Google Reader.

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