Edmas 2010, Part 1: Angels We Have Heard On High

Track One of Four in this year’s Christmas music… and also the first sacred carol I’ve tackled. Truth be told, I had deliberately avoided sacred music until now. However, when I realized I could throw in a few jokes and have some fun without feeling like I was gonna burn in hell for it, I felt it was ok to do so. I had to record this one, too – I’ve always kinda liked it for some reason…

I like opening these Christmas EPs with a more straightforward (by punk standards) track, and this is no exception. One of my two Christmas recording traditions – the “Brian May” – is found here. The vocal fugue-type thing at the end of the song was made up on the fly at the tail end of this song’s tracking. I’ll probably isolate that part in a separate post some time this month… Enjoy and come on back next Thursday for Part 2.

Angels We Have Heard On High

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