30 Clubs in 30 Songs: Philadelphia

Like a certain line in Florida, I had a special case set for whichever team had the oldest average age. Since the winner in the age race was Philadelphia, Here’s the result: A song with the line “Get off my lawn” in the chorus! For the rest of the song, I wrote as an angry old man with a severe chip on his shoulder and a cannon for a throwing arm. Admittedly, he and his buddies turn into complete jerks in the bridge… (DISCLAIMER: This is not how I feel about the actual team itself. Truth be told, I kinda like ’em.)

Musically, I had a local band in mind and ready to kill… until I discovered they weren’t from Philadelphia. Armed with that knowledge, I went back to the drawing board and discovered a perfectly viable second option: The Dead Milkmen! I tried to hone their sound as much as possible on this recording: Not too thick of a sound, little to no distortion on the guitar, and bingo. Enjoy… and get off their lawn!


Up Next: Pittsburgh (Friday), San Diego (Next Friday)

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