30 Clubs in 30 Songs: Kansas City

You have to feel for a team like Kansas City. They’ve been good before and they have a cool friggin’ ballpark (I’d love to see a game there some time. Granted, I’d love to see every major league ballpark, but STILL…), and a few hall-of-famers have spent some quality time there (George Brett, anyone?). BUT, the team has fallen on some pretty hard times lately – like, say, the entire last decade – and they’ve been stuck in the lower echelon of their league. It’s kinda sad, really.

For this tune, I decided to take the pop-punk/emo/strange breakdown route. This may seem like an odd match, but when you consider the whole emo thing is sorta like that team – gets a far worse rap than most of it is, and usually dismissed without experience – it starts to make sense. Sure, there are a lot of crappy emo bands – just like there were a lot of bad Kansas City teams in recent history – but it’s not ALL bad (Also worth noting: The Get Up Kids are from Kansas City). As the last line in the chorus says: “We can’t always be this bad.” Enjoy!

Kansas City

Up next: Los Angeles (Part 1 Tuesday, Part 2 Next Friday)

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