30 Clubs in 30 Songs: Chicago, Part 1

I like Chicago. That’s a cool city they have there. I saw my first live major league game in Chicago… in Wrigley Field, no less (Bob Uecker did the seventh inning stretch, which was AWESOME)! I have to hand it to them – that’s a great crowd and one hell of a baseball town. Year after year, there they are, cheering for their team even though they haven’t won anything in forever (As a lifelong Buffalo Sabres fan, I can sympathize with that to an extent). Sure, they probably won’t win this year, either, but they’ll still be there. Wrigley Field has always struck me as The Home Of The Eternal Optimist – There’s always next year.

The last line in the second verse is a reference to this brilliant line of thinking chronicled here (tip o’ the cap to Walkoff Walk for it). Partake and enjoy!

Chicago, Part 1: NorthSide

Next up: Chicago, Part 2 (Friday), Cincinnati (Next Friday)

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