30 Clubs in 30 Songs: Atlanta

When the idea was hatched for this project, there was only one musical direction for this tune to go: Mastodon! In order to really capture what I like about them, I aped one of their tunings (low to high: B A D G B E), went ape on the drums, and wrote about a big lurking animatronic thing in the city’s ballpark (not an ape). This one was fun to put together and I hope you enjoy it. After the mp3, some extracurricular nonsense.


In case you’re still wondering what this song is about: Here you go. I haven’t tried syncing the song up to this video, but it might be worth a shot at some point.

IN MEMORIUM: A drum stick (pictured) fought the good fight to the bitter end, but lost its battle during the recording process for this song. A brave warrior, indeed…

Next up: Baltimore (Friday), Boston (Next Friday)

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