Introducing: 30 Clubs in 30 Songs

Starting this week,BaseBowlingBall you will start to see a lot of brand spankin’ new material on this site! Over the next six months (perfectly coinciding with baseball season), there will be a serious influx of baseball-related music. Here’s the deal: Between now and September, I will write, record, and release one song per big league baseball team. Add that up and you get “30 Clubs in 30 Songs!” I have done Baseball Projects in the past, but nothing anywhere near this magnitude. This is going to be a BIG undertaking. New material will typically be posted on Fridays, so be sure to make this site part of your Friday Time Wasters!

The music will be fairly high octane – think uptempo punk and metal with touches of grunge and prog mixed in – and not without doses of snark (because you’re dealing with me here). If I don’t get to your favorite team right away, don’t worry – I’m working in alphabetical order by city, so I’ll get to them eventually. So sit back, enjoy, comment if you so choose, and remember to check this site every week! “30 Clubs in 30 Songs” kicks off THIS FRIDAY (April 16th) with the opening cut – a sludgy, grungy metal tune for Arizona (which has already been written, as of this post).

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