They’ve Been Recycling For Years

OR “Ed Likes Mastodon, part 12”. Commissioned by Jason Begy for a video project (you can find some of his other shenanigans and goings-on HERE), he asked for either a song that would fit over a bunch of stock footage or a song about stock footage. Naturally, I took the latter route and wrote the song about stock footage. Once again, production, mixing, and all voices and instruments by me.

(Non-guitar freaks: Skip this paragraph and head for the link.) For the guitar freaks: This was an opportunity to try an alternate tuning Mastodon uses from time to time. With everything already detuned a whole step, string 6 is lowered an additional 2 and a half steps. The result (low to high): A G C F A D. I think I’d use it more often if I had a guitar set up for it…

Listen here: They’ve Been Recycling For Years

Watch here:

One response to “They’ve Been Recycling For Years

  1. For the record, I got an A 🙂 The original video was a promotion for Ed and I’s hometown – Rochester, NY – that was mind-bogglingly boring. So I re-cut the footage and turned it into an anti-Rochester video. Yay montage.

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