Edmas 2004 – O Christmas Fight

OK, one more. This one’s a blast from the past, taken from the second version of what I called The Football Project. The idea: Audio Christmas card gone horribly wrong. I had my brother play “O Christmas Tree” (yaaay public domain) and then we argued on a separate track. A script was not needed – we’re brothers.

Bickering/announcer/production: Me. Piano/bickering: Rob Klingenberger.

O Christmas Fight

3 responses to “Edmas 2004 – O Christmas Fight

  1. *I* was bickering?? All I was doing was playing the piano, all nice-like! YOU were the one that-

    You know what? Fine.

    (I do feel like I blew the ending a bit. Acting! Not so much. I’d like to think we’d do much better now if we tried it again. Jerk.)

  2. Merry friggin’ Christmas, ya big jerk. ACTING!

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