Backwards Rock: Level New A

Aaah, here we are. Took me long enough, didn’t it? They were only my favorite metal band for a few years. The combination of groove, aggression, and chops made Pantera really stick for me. There are so many good Pantera options for the Backwards Rock machine – which one do I choose? Well, this time around, I chose a simple riff that was guaranteed to work. Here’s the opening section from “A New Level”… backwards.

Level New A

See? Works great! I didn’t quite get the Dime tone (specifically, I didn’t scoop out enough midrange), but it still works pretty well. To give it that early-1990s sound, I put quite a bit of reverb on the drums. Just seemed like the thing to do… I had to record the drums on this one a few times because I kept playing too loudly and the microphones kept clipping. Oops… Enjoy, let me know what you think, and I’ll see you next time.

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