The Hockey Project: Allright, That’s It

Well, it’s about time for another Hockey Project tune! This one is a combination of the type of metal from the first tune and the subject matter of the second one, but this combination has resulted in something completely different.

Today’s new song is what I like to call a musical approximation of a hockey fight. There is no singing and speed metal is abound here. But what’s really different – and also solidifies the theme – is its length. Since the vast majority of hockey fights are over in 30 seconds, this song is also over in 30 seconds. In fact, this song is shorter than the introduction in either of the first two songs. It’s fast and ridiculous… and it was a lot of fun to make. Enjoy!

There is a far-reaching history of punk and metal with this sort of song length. In metal, it’s a whole sub-genre called Grindcore – my favorites are The Locust and Puig Destroyer. In punk, I tend to look at bands like Minor Threat and Black Flag, but there are plenty of other examples (one of my favorite really short songs is “I LIke Food” by Descendents). Have fun in that little rabbit hole and I’ll see you next time.

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