The Hockey Project: Drop It Already

Ten years (and one month, but whatever) ago, I unwittingly embarked on my first sports project. Dubbed “The Football Project”, I would write and record a song – or, in a few cases, a bizarre sort of soundscape – while watching football. I was a senior at SUNY Purchase at the time and it seemed like the thing to do while being bored on campus on Sundays. Not that I’m a big football fan – I enjoy it, but it’s not my favorite fall/winter sport. Well, ten years and eight sports projects later, I’m finally taking on my favorite fall/winter sport. Introducing: THE HOCKEY PROJECT!

Here’s how The Hockey Project will work: There will be a brand new song about hockey on this here site every two weeks throughout the regular season. When the playoffs start, I will make one song per round. In total, I will (or at least should) finish with 18 tracks when we wrap up in June.

So, when does the first song go up? Well… NOW. A little bit of the Canadian national anthem, a little bit of speed metal, and a long intro are in the mix for this song. Lyric-wise, I decided to write about the drastic spike in “guys getting kicked out of face-offs” that started last season. I started with the chorus, then wrote everything else after that. Seemed to work pretty well… Anyways, please to enjoy and I’ll see you in two weeks.

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