The Football Project, Week 17: No More For Me, Thanks – I’m Driving

We made it! It’s the end of the football regular season! What a long, fun trip it’s been… This week, I close out the regular season with a song in the style of a band I’ve liked but have never really tried: Minus The Bear. I’ve been told I sound like their singer – even fooled my mother once or twice – so why not, right? That and the fact that the first thing I came up with for this tune was the tapping riff in the verses. The song kinda dictated itself from there…

Lyrically, it’s the logical regular season conclusion for our chair-dwelling hero. Instead of sitting at home watching the finale, he and a few of his friends decide to haunt their favorite local bar instead. Drinks are had, their favorite team gets blown out… and you know what? It was a darn good day anyway. Enjoy and I’ll see you next time.

No More For Me, Thanks – I’m Driving

Programming note: The Football Project’s next tune – which will be the last – will arrive shortly after The Game Of Largeness In Indianapolis.

One response to “The Football Project, Week 17: No More For Me, Thanks – I’m Driving

  1. This was a fun project, all 17 parts. I really enjoyed it and am looking forward to the finale. Thanks Ed.

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