The Football Project, Week 8: Monster Bowl XIII

Happy Halloween! This week’s tune is an homage to the greatest/dumbest Halloween song of all time. That song, of course, is “Monster Mash” by Bobby “Boris” Pickett. I took the music to that song, transposed it up a step and a half (for the guitars, that meant putting a capo on fret 3) and swapped out the third chord. In order to get a more ’60s-style sound, I used fewer microphones on the drums and pushed them back in the mix.

So, what was I gonna write about? Well, this one was simple. Instead of monsters suddenly dancing for whatever reason, this time they all get together and play a big ol’ football game. They played to a tie and partied afterwards (as a finishing touch, I mentioned Mr. Pickett by name in the last verse). Cue the fadeout. Have a great holiday and I’ll see you next Wednesday.

Special thanks to the people that joined me as the monster party at the end: Rob Klingenberger, Sarah Peangatelli, Robbie Ellis, Adam Donnelly, Jacqie Young, Kate Begy, and Steve Begy.

Monster Bowl XIII

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