Seeing Red

I get suggestions for songs/lyrics/albums from all sorts of people. I imagine most musicians get them. But since I’m not the brooding, introspective, deeply personal songwriter guy, I tend to give others’ ideas the light of day. Case in point: While hanging out with one of my best friends over a meal a while back, she suggested that since I had already made “Dancing for Patriotism,” why not “Dancing for Communism?” Naturally, the gears started turning immediately…

This track here is late in the album and one of the last tunes to receive lyrics. I was down to three tracks… so I turned them into a loose-fitting suite and created a new character: Marty, The Napoleonic World of Warcraft Player. This is Part One, where he gets overambitious and winds up killing the entire guild. For the record, I’m not sure who “The Colonel” is… Enjoy!

Seeing Red (Demo)

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