Football Week, Part 5: It’s Not Too Late to Start Watching Football

Here’s a jaunty little number (clearly broken up into three parts) to close out football week. The idea behind the song was based on the suggestion that I do a Football Project in 2006. One problem: the season had already started and I had missed a couple of weeks. So, I decided to make a small one (once a month, like I had been doing for my Baseball Projects) instead of the standard procedure for the previous two (weekly during the regular season, then grand finale). Since a full month had passed before I started work on this project, that became the subject matter for its opening cut. Clearly, I was on a Beach Boys / Brian Wilson kick when I made this track – check out all the stuff happening in the last section.

Production, mixing, all instruments by me. From The Football Project 2 1/2. Recorded in 2006.

It’s Not Too Late To Start Watching Football

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