Football Week, Part 3: Three And Out

“Three And Out”… perhaps one of the most avant-garde pieces I’ve ever done. The idea here was to make a musical representation of a “drive” that goes nowhere and forces a punt. The nice latin-y muzak-y sections of the song are the moments when the teams are in their huddles. Here’s what I imagine happens: First down was a run that gained a couple of yards, second down was an incomplete pass, the quarterback was sacked on third down, and the punt return featured a lot of cuts and moves but didn’t actually go anywhere. The bit in the fade-out is a parody of a horrible beer commercial that originally showed up in the track called “…And A Word From Your Local Station.” And now you know… the rest of the story. Enjoy!

Production, mixing, all instruments by me. From The Football Project. Recorded on a 4-track at SUNY Purchase in 2003.

Three And Out

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