Paging Dr. Hoover

To “celebrate” Monday, I give you one of the strangest songs I’ve ever written. I kept hearing this “‘Bring me your cellulite and I will’ *metal*” idea in my head, so I had to use it. As the glorious song title and the first lyric line might detail, this song is about a somewhat emotionally disturbed liposuction doctor… who, for some odd reason, runs his practice in a mall. In true strange song and prog-metal fashion, not a single measure of 4/4 time is to be had here. Enjoy!

Drums recorded by Mike Huurman at The Dank Pit (r.i.p.), everything else recorded by me at home. All instruments, mixing by me.

Paging Dr. Hoover

2 responses to “Paging Dr. Hoover

  1. Joe like. Have you seen Repo: The Genetic Opera? You should.

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