Orb of Doom (And a New Band in the Works)

A few New Years Eves ago, I was hanging out with a bunch of friends and relatives playing video games. During the course of the night, one of them said to me, “You should make an album about Wii Bowling.” Not a bad idea, right? Well, the thought stewed in my brain for a little while… A few days later, we were playing that game again while listening to the first Dethklok album. During that time, the proverbial light bulb turned on. This is track 2 from the resulting 10-song concept album “Bowling Is Metal.”* The best part about the whole process was making a fun yet ordinary activity sound all big/heavy/brutal/intense…

This accompanying video features myself and three other dudes. The three other dudes (Robbie Ellis on guitar, Adam Donnelly on bass, Jared Tinkham on drums) and I make up a new band (still in rehearsal stages) called “…Of Doom!” The first official video for the band, this is also my directorial debut. Robbie and I filmed and edited what you see here.

Credits: All instruments, mixing, and most production by me. Drums recorded by Mike Huurman.

LISTEN: Orb of Doom


*If you think about it, Bowling really is metal. Throwing a large heavy round thing down an alley for the sole purpose of knocking a bunch of stuff over? That’s friggin’ METAL, man…

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